An Anniversary of Evil: 100 Years of Communism, 100 Million Deaths

Nothing of the 12 Steps, neither God nor Bill’s ideas about inventories, are ever part of communism.

International Liberty

Just in case you didn’t realize, we’re “celebrating” an anniversary.

In 1917, at this time of year, the Bolshevik revolution was occurring in Russia. It resulted in the creation of the Soviet Union, followed in subsequent decades by enslavement of Eastern Europe and communist takeovers in a few other unfortunate nations.

This is a very evil and tragic anniversary, a milestone that merits sad reflection because communism is an evil ideology, and communist governments have butchered about 100 million people.

I’ve written about the horrors that communism has imposed on the people of Cambodia, Cuba, and North Korea, but let’s zoom out and look at this evil ideology from a macro perspective.

My view is that communism is “a disgusting system…that leads to starvation and suffering” and “produces Nazi-level horrors of brutality.”

But others have better summaries of this coercive and totalitarian ideology.


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Knowledge Management for the Creative Writer

Lone Star Writers Club

Technical Writers, now called “Technical Communicators,” have been familiar with “Knowledge Management,” or “KM,” for decades.

But what is KM?  One source describes KM as “the process of capturing, distributing and effectively using knowledge,” attributing that definition to Tom Davenport in 1994.  Others have discussed the topic at length.  Some of the most important aspects are “lessons learned” and “institutional history.”

Does this matter?  Ask NASA.  A story circulates: NASA cannot put “a man on the Moon” today.” Why? The knowledge left with the engineers who left when funds dried up, goal accomplished.  And when those engineers died, now decades ago, the “lessons learned” and “institutional history” died with them.  Now, for all our “advanced technology” with iPhones and 3D printing, we would be pressed to send someone back “in five years,” as Vice President Pence insists.”

Whether you believe this…

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Overwhelming To-Do! Ack!

Inventories of our capacities are essential and require frequent updates as we grow and change.

Outsourcing becomes essential to move beyond certain points. Otherwise, we become “stuck.” Alfred Adler named this type of being stuck the “inferiority complex” because it prevented someone from moving from a position of “inferiority” (weakness) to “superiority” (strength).

Thanks for a great article! (Maybe I should spin off a piece on this.)

Rebecca Nietert

What does someone do when they have a to-do list that is so long it paralyzes them? A woman I met the other day stated, “I have so much to do that I take out my list-read it-feel overwhelmed-check Facebook and then it’s over! Nothing gets done!” How many of us do that very same thing?

In my case, quite admittedly, I have to be on social media several times a day. I have two constructed websites that are designed to bring in income. I have ads on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that need to be analyzed and modified. I have Twitter feeds that I need to increase numbers. I have Linkedin but I need to increase my reach with. I have Facebook profiles and pages and groups that need attention. Somehow I have to manage and the entire platform of supporting social media such as Instagram in such a…

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Do it yourself (Revisited)

We live in a web of relationships, yet this is true.

How does one strike a balance?

Is that a question to which no single answer is sufficient?

In the postDo it yourselfit is said,


It is not just an attitude but also a key to success in life.

‘Do it yourself’ mindset makes you feel more confident and reduces the tendency of dependency on others for the accomplishment of many important tasks.

“Start everything with Do it yourself mindset. You’ll never face failure in your life.”

Life is made to experience and explore every new thing. Keeplearningnewtasks, processesandactivities.

Thank you!

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The Serenity Prayer


For one of my classes this semester I had to sit in on an (open) Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and they ended with the Serenity prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr. We recited it as a group, holding hands in a circle, and it struck me all over again as both brilliant and impossible to live up to: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

But I can’t tell the difference between what I can and can’t change. I feel responsible for everything and everyone. Instead of calming and reassuring me, the Serenity prayer makes me think of all of the things I should be able to fix, if only I could figure out where I left my super powers. I wish that saying it over and over again could make it sink…

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33 Thoughts About Turning 33

An interesting inventory about aging. It begs questions. My favorite is this : should we only list “resolutions” on New Years? Or should we have more frequent reckonings at other points during the year?

Damon Ashworth Psychology

This will be an unfiltered post. No thinking things through. No edits. Just reflections on life, age, and anything else that pops into my head. Here goes nothing:

  1. Turning 33 feels weird
  2. I feel old at times, especially in my body
  3. I still feel like a child at other times too, and I wonder whether I will ever feel like a proper adult
  4. I can’t believe I have so much grey hair now
  5. It’s strange to wonder where the time has gone
  6. Yet when I think about it, I really have done a lot and had many amazing experiences in my time on this planet
  7. I’m happier now than I have ever been before
  8. We never really know how our life will turn out
  9. I couldn’t have planned for what has occurred in my life, and yet it’s pretty amazing that things have turned out the way they have
  10. I’m…

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New Years Resolutions

Streams Of Destiny

Do you make the same list, or mostly the same list, each year? Do you say “things will be different this year “? Do you quit on “Blue Monday,” or at the latest Valentine’s Day, each year?

If this is really about doing something different, then why do you keep repeating the same behavior, expecting different results?

Can you write down one simple thing, something truly different, this year?

Can you track how long it lasts?

Are you willing to restart the very next day?

Are you still willing to make the number of days between failures bigger and bigger?

Are you willing to recognize that some kinds of change are about “progress, not perfection”?

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Priorities not Resolutions

Arguably, both lists (priorities and resolutions) are either inventories or points of departure for inventories. Any given entry in the list can be scrutinized in more detail.

Most years, I make the list in October or November and start testing each item in November or December. Unworkable items are dropped. Good items are kept for the “official” January start.

A few items are tuned and tested again.

To be certain, “less is more.”. Short simple lists work best.

Recovery river

“Spend all of your time on those things you value most — on those things which you believe go beyond the here-and-now. The more time you can spend on things you believe to be of infinite worth, the more powerful your daily life and behavior will be.”  Benjamin Hardy

Making changes in one’s life is difficult. It is hard to push through even a single change; we are creatures of habit. We like the predictability of knowing what is going to happen next in our lives. Changes are fought tooth and nail. We want things to stay the same. That’s why New Year’s resolutions don’t work: the energy required to make the change is far more than we are willing and sometimes able to give.

Resolutions often fail because we have not really ‘resolved’ to do anything. We have made a decision to, for example, lose weight, but have not made specific…

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