Ishikawa Diagrams (Part 1 of Many)

Since my previous post the idea of the “Ishikawa digram” seems to persist in my consciousness.  Some people call them “fishbone diagrams,” but I prefer to give credit to the innovator.

Technically, the Ishikawa diagram is not an inventory.  It is a method of diagramming the elements of a problem or situation.  In the case of a 12 Step style inventory, the Ishikawa diagram could be used to illustrate some part of the “inventory,” particularly the relationships that surround a person or the elements of a situation.  It is a different way of looking at the problem, one that might bring to light relationships that are not obvious.  If you draw one of these, you might not see the answer immediately.  But it might leap out to your “sponsor” or trusted other.  If nothing else, it could provide the starting point for a different kind of discussion.

Before watching this video, keep this in mind: just as Bill W did, we are borrowing ideas from industry.  While this particular example is not directly tied to “recovery” or “personal growth” or anything similar, making that kind of application of this method of exploring situations is up to you.