Priorities not Resolutions

Arguably, both lists (priorities and resolutions) are either inventories or points of departure for inventories. Any given entry in the list can be scrutinized in more detail.

Most years, I make the list in October or November and start testing each item in November or December. Unworkable items are dropped. Good items are kept for the “official” January start.

A few items are tuned and tested again.

To be certain, “less is more.”. Short simple lists work best.

Recovery river

“Spend all of your time on those things you value most — on those things which you believe go beyond the here-and-now. The more time you can spend on things you believe to be of infinite worth, the more powerful your daily life and behavior will be.”  Benjamin Hardy

Making changes in one’s life is difficult. It is hard to push through even a single change; we are creatures of habit. We like the predictability of knowing what is going to happen next in our lives. Changes are fought tooth and nail. We want things to stay the same. That’s why New Year’s resolutions don’t work: the energy required to make the change is far more than we are willing and sometimes able to give.

Resolutions often fail because we have not really ‘resolved’ to do anything. We have made a decision to, for example, lose weight, but have not made specific…

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