A Palindromic Magic Square for the Year 2019

Explorations of Inventories is a 12 Step blog, so why this reblog? Because the premise of the blog is an expansion of select mathematical ideas into metaphors that serve as tools for solving personal problems. Magic squares could be used that way, dissolving a situation into the pieces of a square with intentional gaps. Fill in the gaps creatively, and a previously unseen solution may emerge.

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2019 palinhdromic magic square.png

The above 4 × 4 magic square only has the digits 2, 0. 1, and 9 (from the year 2019) and as a bonus, the four digits in its upper-left section form “2019”. It has a magic sum of 132. This means the sums of the magic square’s columns, rows, and diagonals are all equal to 132. It is also a semi-pandiagonal magic square since it contains some of the features of a pandiagonal magic square, namely:

  • Partial Panmagic Square — The 2-2 broken diagonals (on both sides) of this magic square have a magic sum of 132 as well. For this to be a panmagic square, the 3-1 broken diagonals should also be equal to the magic sum, but unfortunately, this magic square does not have that property. From here on, note that the sum of the cells with identical background colors is equivalent to the magic sum, which…

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Holiday (Lack of) Productivity

Inventories of Windows of Opportunity can help. Identify the best time to break through the bottleneck in your life (Eli Goldratt’s “Theory of Constraints”) and “Eat That Frog 🐸” (Brian Tracy). Rinse once and repeat! (Don’t forget to rest. Practice the HALT principle or you will become ineffective.)

Rita Davie

Yesterday I started a month of holidays.

In a fit of overzealous optimism, I mentally committed myself (ha! not that kind of committed, although probably not the worst idea) to reading and writing a LOT every single day. I went to Chapters and bought two new books (Women Talking by Miriam Toews and I’ll be Your Blue Sky by Marisa de los Santos – I’ll let you know how they are in another post) and was determined to get through at least one of them on my 7 hour flight.

I did read about half of one book and finished off the most recent chapter in my #workinprogress, but was far less productive than I thought I’d be. Instead I made best friends with my adorable seat mates who had been married 53 years and still teased each other mercilessly #relationshipgoals.

Today I woke up at 6:30am because of…

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Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

In my opinion, the right amount of worry is determined by a cost-benefit offset (whether the worry is made worth it by a probable outcome) in regards to a desired result.  Because in the objective sense, worry is useless; we’ll all pass away, meaning the only relevant question is:  “How do I maximize fulfillment in the time I have left?”

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Encouraging Inspiration…

Rebecca Nietert

When children are raised with more criticism than encouragement, judgement, abuse, neglect, loathing, or condemnation; and then suffer PTSD from violent criminal acts, that child would sooner lash out than treat others with calm grace. When a toxic parent (I hate that word) uses a long list of arsenal built over time such as lying, judging, abuse, using shame, manipulation, abandonment, humiliation and criticisms to establish control over you, it’s not okay.

Christians must understand they are to revere parents. To respect despite how they act, the words they use, or how they lead their lives.  In this difficulty, that many struggle with behavioral challenges they find increasingly difficult to navigate through.  This concept is good in theory from a Proverbs 31 woman or a man raised with Timothy, but become increasingly difficult with a parent who falls extremely short of that kind of maturity.  Nonetheless it is still called…

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Why do we care so much!?

Rebecca Nietert

The other day, I posted some witty banter about a declaration. My statement was designed to make people think about the word “pride.” You see sometimes am prideful and sometimes I am not. When I get haughty and I believe that I deserve a certain something, that’s when pretty much everything in my life takes a drastic turn from relationships to successful income to you name it. In addition to my efforts in transparency, I wanted to publish the statement so that in the next few days when I am not feeling so humbled, I can peruse through my social media and remember to let go of that which I cannot control.

Sadly, all it did was make people feel I was sad or make people feel I was desperate. Neither of which are true. My post said something like this: “there is peace in knowing that in 100 years…

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The Perils of Improbable Potholes

The Perils of Improbable Potholes

The title of this blog was inspired by “What Can You Say About Chocolate Covered Manhole Covers?” The story was part of “All the Myriad Ways,” by Larry Niven. I have yet to read the entire collection.

The purpose of this blog is a bit similar but less nefarious. Reblogs of content that captures my eye along with snippets of stories that I may or may not finish are the intended content.

In many ways this is a repository of ideas more than anything else.

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