Overwhelming To-Do! Ack!

Inventories of our capacities are essential and require frequent updates as we grow and change.

Outsourcing becomes essential to move beyond certain points. Otherwise, we become “stuck.” Alfred Adler named this type of being stuck the “inferiority complex” because it prevented someone from moving from a position of “inferiority” (weakness) to “superiority” (strength).

Thanks for a great article! (Maybe I should spin off a piece on this.)

Rebecca Nietert

What does someone do when they have a to-do list that is so long it paralyzes them? A woman I met the other day stated, “I have so much to do that I take out my list-read it-feel overwhelmed-check Facebook and then it’s over! Nothing gets done!” How many of us do that very same thing?

In my case, quite admittedly, I have to be on social media several times a day. I have two constructed websites that are designed to bring in income. I have ads on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that need to be analyzed and modified. I have Twitter feeds that I need to increase numbers. I have Linkedin but I need to increase my reach with. I have Facebook profiles and pages and groups that need attention. Somehow I have to manage and the entire platform of supporting social media such as Instagram in such a…

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